Testimonial: Justine

How can I help?

By selecting a poor orphan you want to start sponsoring from the waiting list. After the child’s assignment, you basically start supporting the child through your monthly sponsorship. Sponsorship starts from the age of three years. From that age, the children can go to kindergarten (baby class) and so on to primary and secondary education. Depending on the talents of the child, it goes on to higher education or to vocational training. The maximum age up to when CCP supports a child is currently 23 years. The sponsor amount per child is €33,= per month.

Watch and listen to Lotte’s story here when she first visited Caroline.

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How will I be informed about the progress of the child that I support?

A social worker who is employed by CCP Uganda sometimes writes a report with any details about the development of the child. You will also receive a picture or video by whatsApp or mail of the child every two years.

What else can I do for the other members of the family?

At Christmas we will mail you for a voluntary Christmas gift. Often a gift is given that is also useful for the whole family, for example a pan or a mattress. But this also pays for the Christmas camp. Furthermore, in principle each family receives 2 goats to provide income. In very urgent situations we build a new house for the widow (or grandmother/aunt). We do this through the ongoing action ‘a second home in Uganda’. click here for information about this project.

Can I write to the child I support?

Post, all the way from the Netherlands, is a big joy for every child! The child experiences through your post that someone is particularly interested in him or her. Your letter, card or photo gives the child self-esteem and it stimulates enormously! Always mention the child’s name and number. Some names are very similar or sometimes written slightly differently. You can send your letters/cards/photos to: Christian Childcare Programme
P.O. Box 1254
Mbale Uganda
East Africa


  • Don’t write down your address on the letter or envelope. When this address is known in Uganda, you can sometimes be contacted with begging letters from family members or acquaintances.
  • The children themselves know that the european support is focused on their education and not on other aspects. Your letter can take long to reach the . Some children live quite far away in areas where CCP’s all-terrain vehicle can only come with difficulty.

What happens when the child graduates?

When the child you support has completed a study, the Dutch Secretariat will receive a notification. We will inform you in writing about this. By sponsoring for another three months, you will fund the ‘send-off package’ of the child. The send-off package consists of tools, sewing machine, etc. During these three months you will be approached by our secretariat with the question whether you want to continue supporting a new poor orphan.