Waiting list and registration

On our waiting list for privacy reasons there are no pictures of the children. Of course you get a picture when you decide to sponsor one or more of the children. In the picture next door are random children. At the bottom of this page you will find the form to give up your choice. Even if you don’t have a preference, you can indicate that.

Will you make a difference in one of these lives


Ikira Were was born in 2018 as the 7th in a family with 4 boys and 4 girls. His father died of cancer in 2020. His mother tries to make a living with chores outside the home, but that is very difficult with so many children. Grandma also helps, but is weak in health. The family lives in a temporary house in Nabiganda-Butaleja. Ikira attends Queens Nursery School Natuwa


Daniel was born in 2018 and is his mother’s only child. Daniel’s father was killed in a traffic accident in 2019. The family is very poor. The mother has no source of income, she went back to her parents after the loss of her husband. Her parents are old and life is hard now that she has a child. They live in Mbale and Daniel attends Little Angels Primary School in P1.


Trinah was born in 2019 as the youngest in a family with 5 brothers and 4 sisters. Trinah’s father passed away in 2020 from the effects of Covid. Trinah is now staying with her aunt who takes care of her. The family is very poor. The aunt is a housewife and farmer’s wife with no income. She sometimes does small jobs, such as tending the garden for others to support the family, which is not sustainable. They live in Mbale and Trinah is in kindergarten at the CCP Family Nursery school.


Angel was born in 2018 as the youngest in a family of two boys and three girls. Her father died in 2021 from the effects of a snake bite. The family lives in a Kamonkoli and Angel attends Divine Primary School in class P1. The family is very poor. Angel’s mother occasionally tries to earn money by working in the garden of others. Two children from the family are supported by CCP.

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