Waiting list and registration

On our waiting list for privacy reasons there are no pictures of the children. Of course you get a picture when you decide to sponsor one or more of the children. In the picture next door are random children. At the bottom of this page you will find the form to give up your choice. Even if you don’t have a preference, you can indicate that.

Will you make a difference in one of these lives?


Vincent was born in 2018 as the fourth in a family with 4 boys. His mother was killed by domestic violence in early 2023. Vincent’s father is in prison. Grandma is currently taking care of Vincent but she has no source of income and is very poor. In addition to Vincent, she also has other children under her care. Vincent is in Namanyonyi school in kindergarten.


Dorien was born in 2019 as the third in a family with one boy and two girls. Dorien’s father died of a heart attack in 2020. The mother takes care of her children but is very poor. She works in people’s gardens and occasionally tries to sell some vegetables herself, but that is not enough to support the family. The family lives in Kachuru -Butebo. Dorien attends the Kabwangazi demonstration school in the highest kindergarten.


Grace was born in 2017 as the second in a family with 2 boys and 2 girls. When she was two years old, Grace’s mother died of cancer. The father seems to be alive but it is unknown where he is. It is a man from Kenya, who got Grace’s mother pregnant during her student days and then disappeared. Grace’s grandmother is taking care of her right now. They live in Mbale and Grace is at Nabuyonga school in kindergarten. The family is very poor the grandmother works as a cook but has a large number of children to take care of. Moreover, she herself is HIV positive


Kevin was born in 2018 as the third in a family with two boys and a girl. Kevin’s father died of cardiac arrest in 2020. Kevin’s mother takes care of him but she is very poor. She tries to make money by doing small chores for others, but that is not enough to exist of. Kevin is at NamanYonyoi primary school in kindergarten. The family needs help.


Desire was born in 2016 as the youngest in a family with 4 boys and 5 girls. Desire’s father died in a motorcycle accident in 2017. He was a businessman and had an accident while riding a motorcycle himself. The mother didn’t know what to do anymore and sadly left the family and left the care of Desire to an aunt. Desire attends Masaba Primary school in P1.


Jeremiah was born in 2016 as the fourth in a family with 3 boys and 2 girls. His father died in an accident in 2022. He was a driver by profession and the breadwinner of the family. The mother now tries to do chores for others, but that does not yield enough to live on with the family. Jeremiah you are at Bungwanyi Primary school in P1.

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