Vocational Training

The vocational courses of CCP: VTI (Vocational Training Institute)

CCP has been able to build two beautiful school buildings in Mbale thanks to the generous donations of sponsors and the doubling actions by Stichting De Wilde Ganzen, Edukans, NCDO and Impulsis. Palisa Campus, the largest school building is located on the Palisade Road in Mbale and hosts various courses. On the street side, a number of units are rented out, so there is also rental income for CCP.

Palisa Road Campus provides training courses for:

  • secretary
  • kindergarten teacher
  • catering and hotel management
  • hairdresser and beautician.
  • documentalist

De Technical school

Kumi close Campus hosts various technical training courses and is located just outside the city centre on the road to Soroti. This school could be built thanks to the enormous efforts of the Hans van Bokkem Foundation. 

The technical school provides training courses for:

  • car mechanic and metalworking
  • electricial installation
  • East African Plumber
  • moped technology

Up to 2020, CCP has already trained more than 5000 students, many of whom were part of our sponsorship programme. The registration of students who are not ‘sponsored children’ generates income.

This partly funds the education of other students. Ccp’s graduates are met all over the country. After all, there is a growing demand for professionals due to the rapidly developing business community! They work as self-employed or employed, spread over Uganda.

Watch a short video about the VTI, ccp’s vocational education.