Voucher page

“I invite you for my birthday party, will you come?” “Nice, sure, thank you, what can I give you?” Iedereen kent dit soort gesprekjes. Eventually it will be a flower for her or a bottle of wine for him.  

Now it can be done differently! From now on, ask for a goat, a month of school fees, a week of food or a pot of vitamins for a child with HIV/AIDS. 

How does it work?

You make a donation on our donation page.  You choose one of the vouchers on this page and print it.  You enter the Euro’s, Dollars or GBP’s and your name and the name of the recipient.  Nice envelope around it and you have an original gift, because you have just made the difference for a child or a widow in Uganda on behalf of your friend. That just makes you happy! 

Choose one of the vouchers!

We apologise that the vouchers are still only in Dutch available.

Give a goat

Suplements for a child with HIV/aids

Food basket for a very poor family

Help a poor girl or boy to join vocational education.