Give a goat

Especially for those who want to receive something other than flowers or wine for their birthday, anniversary or party, we have a special gift tip. At the invitation to your party, send the link to your family and friends from our CCP site.

Ask for one or more goats!  By filling in and downloading a goat’s gift (give a goat), a gift is made for the goats / IGA project. Then you can print out the goat gift card and hand it over at the party. Because this birthday gift is tax deductible (in Holland), you can give more. One goat costs (with transport and instruction) 50 Euro. Of course, any contribution is welcome, such as a voucher of 5, 10, 15 or 25 Euro. In addition to goats, a widow can also receive other items, such as chickens, pigs, a sewing machine, tools or money to set up a small business. All this aims to gain or increase an income.

On the donation page you can fill out what amount you want to give. This information can be filled in on the gift card. Then you indicate how you want to pay.

   Print the voucher and make it an original gift!