Dutch CCP Foundation


Welcome to ccp’s website, in full: Foundation Christian Childcare Programme! 

Aims of CCP Netherlands

Since 1981, the Objective of the Dutch CCP Foundation has provided structural assistance to orphans and widows in Eastern Uganda by:

  • individual sponsorship of orphans aged 3 to 23. Click here for our waiting list
  • encouraging quality education offering various vocational training courses to 5000 young people up to now
  • setting up Income Generating Activities (IGA) for the benefit of widows, such as the goat project, self-help and saving groups and small businesses. If you want to know more about the Goat’s Voucher? Click here!
  • running its own commercial farm with a goat rearing farm
  • building houses for the poorest.

Check out our site and find out what you can do for an orphan or a widow in Uganda!

The activities with which the CCP Foundation is affiliated take place in Eastern Uganda, especially in and around the city of Mbale. In Uganda there is a local organisation of the same name, the ‘Christian Childcare Programme’ (CCP), with its own Ugandan board and staff. The actual work is done by a motivated team of social workers, general staff and educational staff led by a fully Ugandan management and board. As much as possible, cooperation is done with other organizations.
Anually we visit the Programme in Mbale.  The costs for the tickets are not financed from the sponsor contributions. Also because of this, the overheadcosts in the Netherlands can remain so low. In recent years, no more than 1% of all contributions in the Netherlands have remained there to bear the foundation’s costs.


The Board

All board members and co-workers in the Netherlands are enthusiastic volunteers. All have been to Uganda once or more. The board consists of the following persons:


Fred Meijer
Corrie de Groot
Harald Mikkelsen
Paul Koppert
Frits Mostert
Henri Oosthoek
general member
general member
general member

The board is supported by a number of volunteers:

John Fransen
Lyda Meijer
Margriet Mikkelsen
Gertjan de Vogel           Martin Vink
financial adm

Introducing… Fred Meijer

Fred has been a board member of CCP since its inception in 1981. His role within CCP Netherlands, in addition to being president, is mainly focused on communication with the staff and board in Uganda, fundraising and maintaining the networks. Before his retirement, Fred worked as a finance director in the Salvation Army.

Introducing… Corrie de Groot

Corrie is the link between the sponsors and the children and communicates about this with our social workers in Uganda. Because she gets the chance to visit the children almost every year with Margriet and Lyda, she knows a lot about the children. In everyday life, Corrie works for the police.


Introducing… Harald Mikkelsen

After helping with an ambulance for Western Uganda in 1983, Harald first went to CCP in Mbale in 1987. Since that time he continues to work as a board member. In everyday life Harald is manager microbiology in biological crop protection.

Introducing… John Fransen

John takes care of the financial administration of CCP Nederland. Since his first visit to Uganda in 2019, he is even more motivated to do his job for CCP. John makes sure that every euro received in the Netherlands benefits CCP Uganda. John also works in financial administration in every day life.


Introducing… Lyda Meijer

Within CCP Uganda, Lyda focuses mainly on projects such as the construction of cottages, goat projects and small businesses. Lyda, a home manager in daily life, has been involved in working in Uganda since 1981. The first 20 years through Fred and since 2004 through the annual visits and meetings in the Netherlands.


Introducing… Margriet Mikkelsen

Margriet believes that working for the widows and orphans in Uganda is an enriching experience. That’s why CCP is now a part of her life. She works daily as a pharmacist’s assistant. Within CCP Netherlands Margriet mainly provides secretarial support. Every year she visits the children in Uganda.


Introducing… Gertjan de Vogel

Gertjan has been involved with CCP for a long time now. The first years as treasurer, and then as webmaster. This fits in well with his profession, because in everyday life he is ICT professional. In the early days Gertjan built the first computer network for vocational training.

Introducing… Martin Vink

Martin has since long been involved as a sponsor at CCP, but from 2020 he and his wife Jorina will be working to raise funds for CCP. In everyday life, Martin works in logistics.