CCP Uganda

The activities of our Ugandan partner organisation Christian Childcare Programme (CCP) take place in eastern Uganda and especially in and around Uganda’s city, Mbale. CCP was founded in 1983. A local board of 7 dedicated volunteers from different churches and tribes is responsible for CCP Uganda. The day-to-day management is in hands of the directors and the management team. The different departments are

  • Child Welfare Department. This is where social workers work for the sponsor children. The own kindergarten, the housing project and the IGA (goat project) are also included. 
  • Vocational Training Institute. This is CCP’s vocational training, consisting of 2 large schools with training courses for all kinds of professions for both boys and girls with a capacity of 1250 students.
  • The CCP farm in Bulambuli. This farm of 85 Hectares hosts also the goat farm.
  • Central Administration. These are the departments of finance, HR and administration.

Introducing staff:

Executive Director Nathan Walyaula, Director Public affairs, James Kidulu and and social worker Betty Buyi introduce themselves: