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Christian Childcare Programme (CCP) is a christian organisation, evangelical, charitable, child focused, organisation run on Biblical principles by born again christians, yet offering the available support not only to christian children but to any deserving and accessible vulnerable child in Uganda.

We are inter-denominational, not working under any one particular denomination but collaborating and working with the various true un cultic church denominations as much as possible.

It is a policy of CCP not to establish an orphanage, but rather benefit from the rich Uganda culture of relatives and extended family, and have each sponsored child attached to guardian (normally next of kin) to work with the organisation as co-parents to nature and develop the child. This policy ensures among other things that the child helped by CCP grows in natural environment, competing with the rest at more less equal levels. The child also learns norms and culture of his people. CCP is opposed institutionalising vulnerable children.


A nation of confident, self-reliant, responsible and God-fearing people.

CCP exists to defend, care, and develop vulnerable children and young people into self-reliant responsible, confidant and God-fearing citizens.



1. To build the capacity of vulnerable children, their families and youth for self-reliance.

2. To empower the families where our children live with knowledge for food  security, environmental protection and hygiene.

3. To promote the African Traditional Family system as a means for developing  the vulnerable children.

4. To develop children as godly citizens full of morals and integrity.


CCP has sponsored over 2500 children for education and they are qualified in various fields at various levels, ranging from Apprenticeship Certificates to University degrees.

The Vocational Training Institute (VTI) established in 1998 has produced over 1500 graduates now employed in various places in the country and others gainfully running their own businesses.

A lot has expanded especially in terms of beneficiaries and facilities. From rented premises, CCP bought new ones, and later bought an adjacent plot on which a complex of classrooms and others facilities for the expansion of the VTI is being constructed. The ground floor was opened in 2005.

About five hundred metres away, a much bigger piece of land has been developed to house the technical training workshops, and phase 1.

We acquired 214 acres of land in Sironko District for farming to produce food for sponsored children, VTI students and for commercial purposes.

Our partners, Stichting Christian Childcare Programme Netherlands, have stood with us since inception. They look for sponsors in the Netherlands
Besides, they (the partners) do various special fundraisings to raise support for specific projects. Currently they are three of such projects; to continue expanding the Vocational Training Institute, to extend the Hostel (Phase 2) and establish a modern farm.

Funds and Buildings are not all that the Dutch Partners provide. They have done a lot to provide training tools such as computers, typewriters, Catering (kitchen) tools and technical ones; though more are still needed.

They have as well eased our transportation by raising money for vehicles we use to visit the sponsored children.


From a small staff of two (a couple) at inception, CCP now has 49 members of staff.

We have a legal recognition and are affiliated to national networks such as Uganda Child Rights NGO Network (UCRNN), Uganda NGO Forum, Uganda Association of Private Vocational Institutions (UGAPRIVI) and Early Childhood Development Training Institutions, Uganda (ECDTIU).

Our Annual Audit Reports are up-to-date.

The highest governing body is the International Partnership Board (IPB) composed of three Dutch and three Ugandans plus the Executive Director.
Below the IPB is the Executive Board (Exbo) of all Ugandans with the Executive Director who oversee the running of the organisation.

The Executive Director is the head of staff at the Secretariat. There are basically three departments;
1. Child Welfare;
2. Vocational Training Institute;
3. Finance and Administration.


This is the mother department from which the others come. Currently they have 293 children being sponsored. The department coordinates all activities related to the needs, care and development of the children as outlined below:

- Supports the basic needs of children and provides school fees for their education.
- Provides counselling and career guidance services to the children during school and home visits.
- Encourages Christian discipleship among the children at all ages, which enables them to become responsible citizens and leaders in their community.
- Provides P.H.C. (Primary Health Care) Education.
- Provides medical treatment
- Encourages food production and security
- Offers moral guidance and counselling
- Runs Youth Camps and other gatherings.
- Carries out school and home visits
- Runs feeding programmes
- Encourage environmental protection.


This was started in 1989 as a response to the great need of skilled labour in our country and great number of unemployed youths yet educated. The original intention was to train only our sponsored children who would opt for it, and we started with twenty of them.

The community, on seeing the good work we were doing, requested to have their youths too to be trained. This was granted, and now they are a lot more than the sponsored ones.  Our current population of over 800 students.

Motto: Skilled hands for Self-reliance (Thessalonians 4:11-13)

We started with two courses:

1. Secretarial studies
2. Tailoring and Home Technology (temporarily suspended due to low enrolment and scarcity of jobs).

As of now we have added:

3. Hotel and Institutional Catering
4. Nursery Teacher Training
5. Plumbing
6. Motor Vehicle Mechanics
7. Block laying and Concrete Practice (Building)
8. Electrical Installation
9. Hair dressing and Beautification
10. Computer Studies (for all students)

Others to begin soon are:

11. Carpentry and Joinery 
12. Welding and Fabrication
13. Computer maintenance and repairs 
14. Refrigeration & Air conditioning 
15. Electronics maintenance



Of late we have attracted several other donors besides our  traditional partners, CCP Netherlands:

Hans van Bokkem Foundation

NCDO (Netherlands Government)

Wild Geese (Wilde Ganzen) Netherlands

*Rated as the best organisation in operation, structure and policy among  the  Implusis (Edukans) supported organisations in Uganda and  Ethiopia, and thus in 2008 merited the highest funding ever given  to a  single organisation at one time.

World Food Programme with International Care and Relief

Evangelishe Omroep

Friends in Canada

- Still of late we have started registering local (Ugandan) sponsors including CCP staff members themselves and former sponsored children.

- Other organisations such as The Aids Support Organisation (TASO),  District Probation Officers have always entrusted us with their children for training.


- The number of courses in our Vocational Training Institute has steadily grown from 2 in 1998 to 9 in 2008.

Representing UCRNN through the Executive Director at the UN Child Rights Report presentation.

- Our VTI Principal chosen to attend training in Germany.

- We have established some business venture, a Secretarial Bureau, to raise funds locally to support the vulnerable children.

- We have started building houses for the very vulnerable families.

Our Computer Instructor was among the five Ugandan who went to Japan in 2008 for training on the Youth Exchange Programme

-One former sponsored child Mr. Joseph Muyeti with his Dutch wife Rianne have already supported one child who qualified as a Secretary.  Joseph is the one offering expert knowledge about our proposed farm.


1. Increase campaign to raise local support through local sponsors.

2. Increase investment in our business sector.

3. Start up more new relevant courses in the VTI.

4. We hope to run a project of Modern Agriculture for our beneficiaries  when  we get the funding (A proposal has been written to this  effect. The intention is to  improve standards of living in these  families and reduce dependence  syndrome).

5. Rent from the commercial part of the new building plus that from our business will be used to recruit more children for sponsorship.

6. Seriously involve the CCP Alumni as sponsors.

7. Acquire land for sports and recreation and further expansion.

The ever increasing and overwhelming number of vulnerable children  who  ever come to us for sponsorship. The need is much more than what we can  take on.

Lack of training tools for some of the technical courses

Lack of enough land for other activities such as sports

Lack of funds/facilitation to be more effective in Income Generation,  Environmental Protection, Food Security and Primary Health Care Campaigns  for our beneficiary families.

- Due to lack of funds, some years we have been .

Poverty among the families we support and the students who come to our  VTI

Child Headed families.

- Need to complete the on-going 2 floor class room block and the phase II of  the Female Hostel construction work.

- Need to construct more Workshops/Classrooms for the Technical Wing


- CCP owes its success to God Almighty and we are grateful to Him.

- At a human level, great thanks go to the Dutch Society who led by CCP  NetherlandsThe Excellencies the Ambassadors & High Commissioner and other guests for visiting us. 
- World Food Programme & International Care & Relief (BUILD Africa) for the provision of food at one time.

- UCRNN for their support in the area of children rights.

Local and Central governments for their support.

The local community for their goodwill and support.

The IPB and Exbo have done a great job in guiding the running of the  organisation.

The staff
The guardians and parents with whom we are co-parents to these children are very important for their complimentary role.

- Lastly but most importantly the children and students who have always  cooperated, tried to learn and acted responsibly and have been a blessing to  the organisation and given a real meaning to its existence.


1.  Mbale District Local Government
 The Chairman
 P.o  Box  984

2. The Secretary General National Council for Children
 P.o  Box  21456

 Tel: +256-414-25 04 7 02
 E-mail:  ncc(at)

3. Uganda Child Rights NGO Network
 The Executive Director
 P.O.  Box  10293
 E-mail  ucrnn(at)

4. Stichting Christian Childcare Programme Netherlands
 The Chairman
 A. Schweitzerplaats 361
 3069 GJ  Rotterdam
 E-mail  f.meijer(at)

5. Impulsis
 The Chief Executive 
 Joseph Haydnlaan 2a
 3533 Utrecht
 Postbus 8190
 3503 RD Utrecht
 E-mail  labotd(at)impulsis 

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