Proposal for Sponsorship (ENG)





CCP originally started with one department which majorly focused on the recruitment and subsequent care and development of orphans, and later other vulnerable children.  CCP therefore existed to do the work of the current Child Welfare Department (CWD), making it the mother department of the organization.

Among the services CWD gives to the children/clients, recruitment precedes the rest and forms the genesis of CCP's official relationship with these clients.  This therefore makes it a crucial stage in the helping process and the intervention steps to improve the lives of the vulnerable children.  CCP would therefore do well to have the best well researched Recruitment Process/System to ensure that the most needy and deserving children are recruited to benefit.  Besides, this should be done with an aim of offering services in the most efficient and effective way. 

It is in order to appreciate all the other recruitment processes (documented and discretionary) that have been used before - they have led our services to the level where they are; with the current resultant effects and impact thereof.

The new document developed hereunder is just an improvement/revision of that, which has existed before, and it comes in place due to the social dynamics plus the loopholes noticed in the past arrangements.  It has therefore been important this time to involve all staff and the Executive Board, not forgetting the National Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children Policy guidelines.

There should be room for the revision of this document in future when necessary, but we hope and intend that what is contained herein will be a relevant standard for several years so as to provide a consistent guide for the CCP workers and other present and future stake holders.  By this, it is hoped that a known and clearly understood system will be established and developed for not only recruitment but also Termination of sponsorship and the post-sponsorship linkage/relationship.



3.1 Recruitment shall be open to all vulnerable and deserving children in Uganda, but  within CCP catchment areas (for cost-effectiveness and accessibility).

3.2  There shall be no discrimination; no favouristism, no nepotism or any other biases  whether racial, tribal, religious or otherwise in the recruitment exercise and both  sexes will be accorded equal opportunities; but where one gender is noticed to  dominate over the other, efforts shall be taken to balance genders.

3.3  Recruitment Age bracket will be between 6 years and 9 years.

3.3.1 The Recruitment Committee shall have the description to get those less than 6 years but not below 5 years; and stretch above 9 years but not exceed 10 years.

3.3.2 Other cases that do not fall in the above provisions shall only be allowed if   it is the sponsor who chooses to sponsor such a particular child.

3.4 The number of children that can be recruited from a particular family shall be at the discretion of the Recruitment Committee, but of course guided by the degree of vulnerability so observed in that family.

3.5 CCP shall not practice the recruitment of biological children of CCP staff members for sponsorship.  However in special circumstances as assessed by staff in one of their meetings, and okayed by the Executive Board, some such recruitment shall be done.

3.6 Children proven to be HIV positive shall not be discriminated against - they shall be considered as any other vulnerable seeking support.

3.7 Disabled children, who in our opinion, if we offered our kind of intervention, cannot have substantial positive effect on the said children, will be referred where possible to a specialized agency but not be recruited into CCP system.



5.1 The several circumstances that lead to termination, the official stop of the CCP  link with the child will as follows:

5.1.1 When a child naturally completes school - according to CCP, with a qualification  for self reliance, though may not yet be employed.

5.1.2 When the child is proven to be having another agency sponsoring him/her.  In this  case a meeting shall first be held between the CWD, the guardian and the child to  determine the preferred agency.  CCP shall withdraw from sponsoring if the other  agency is preferred, and an official withdrawal from the other agency shall be  processed and provided if CCP is preferred.

5.1.3 Where a sponsored child is proved to be cohabiting.

5.1.4 When a sponsored child chooses to get married before completion of school.

5.1.5 Where in the view of CWD and CCP in general the child has been proven  unbearably indiscipline.

5.1.6 Where a child is convicted as a criminal by the Law Courts, and CCP believes  that it was a result of the deliberate making of the child.

The child may be excused and given another chance if CCP, after considering the circumstances resolved that the child was just inevitably involved in the offence, or where there is hope if another chance is given.
5.1.7 Where a child disappears for two years without communicating. In this case the CWD has to constantly inform the sponsor, CCP Holland and the PD for them to follow all the necessary development of the case.

5.1.8 When the child fails to meet the obligations of the sponsorship relationship such  as the routine letter writing to the sponsor, failure to come to CCP gatherings, etc.   as contained in the document given at initial meeting.

5.1.9 When a child abandons school for whichever reason, and refuses to heed CCP  constant and persistent urge to continue at school.

5.1.10 When the guardian/parent intentionally blocks support from reaching the child, or  asks CCP to stop giving such support.

In this case, before decision is made to terminate sponsorship, CCP, especially through CWD will do the best to ensure that the child is not left to suffer, so the sponsor shall always be kept informed of the developments, and above all the Probation Office will be contacted for their opinion.

5.1.11 When the child dies.


without our contribution, shall too be terminated.  Care shall be taken to ensure that all is done in the best interest of the child.

6.5.1 A sponsor child who gets lost for whichever reason, for a period of six months and cannot be traced at all using all the available global means shall be terminated from sponsorship. If such a child reappears and wishes to continue with the sponsorship, she/he shall reapply and as deemed by the Recruitment Committee, go through the process of recruitment once again


7.1 At recruitment and at termination children shall be made to understand that they  will remain permanently linked to CCP for life, and this shall be repeated to them  throughout the course of their sponsorship.  This relationship at this stage may  take an informal nature though formal aspects will always come in when handling  particular issues or projects, or Alumni matters with CCP, including tracing  Alumnus whose whereabouts we do not know yet.

7.2 At the time of the "natural" termination i.e. after completion of school the child  will be registered as a CCP Alumni and given the Alumni Constitution,  Guidelines, Current Status and leadership line up of the time.

7.3 An officer in CWD charged with this particular responsibility will work with and  use the Alumni as a tool to follow-up former sponsored children and trace them to  their latest place of work and residence.

7.4 Every child at termination will be given a file to contain the above documented  information but also to contain at least ten (10) copies of Tracer Forms, which are  to be used to up-date the office about the latest circumstances about the Alumnus  especially in the areas of employment and residence.

7.5 Other means of communication will be used to maintain steady and consistent  correspondence

7.6 As for now (2007) all children on sponsorship programme and those yet to be  recruited should be given the above information by the end of the year.