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2.1 Families to benefit shall be identified by Child Welfare during their routine home visits, and verified by the existing CCP Recruitment Committee and neighbours.

2.2 CCP shall hold sensitization meetings with community leaders to remind them of the Rights, needs and responsibilities of children in community

2.3 The Community leaders will in turn mobilize community members to participate in the process of shelter construction as much as possible by providing labour and local materials that are within their means at a cost.

2.4 The project will be monitored by Child Welfare Department as supervised by the Executive Director.

2.5 The local leaders and beneficiary families will as much as possible ensure security of the materials.

2.6 The families shall construct the pit latrine, bathing shelter as a condition for constructing the main house

2.7 The families shall plant at least 100 trees as condition for the house which will serve as their firewood and or later serve as an (IGA) but also for environment protection. This will be part of the condition for constructing the house.

2.8 The finished house will be commissioned on a special occasion as preferred and designed by CCP in the presence of the community leaders and some members of the community.

2.9 CCP shall come up with a standard Bill of Quantity (BOQ) for an average shelter of 2 rooms and a food store. This may from time to time be revised to match prevailing economic conditions.

2.10 The family will contribute labour and space for cooking for the workers.

2.11 The beneficiary family will contribute at least 5% of the construction cost of the house as administered by CCP social workers.

2.12 CCP will purchase and transport building materials to the building sites.

2.13 VTI students will participate in constructing shelters that are near-by for practice and also cost effectiveness.

2.14 CCP Technical Officers in conjunction with the community leaders will identify and supervise the builders

2.15 The child shall be helped by CCP, the guardian and the community to behave well, ensuring that he/she is not stubborn.

2.16 CCP shall take deliberate study and records to show the social, health and academic results and impact to the child in question and the family at large in relation to the past before the house was built, thereafter when they are using the house and a fair projection of their future.


3.1 A. At the commencement of the construction of the house the following shall co- sign an agreement which forms part of this document ensuring the protection  and security of the house and the beneficiaries:

(i)  CCP Executive Director
(ii)  The Area Government Social worker
(iii)  Chairman LCI
(iv)  The beneficiary child (if below 18 years (ii) shall cosign with him/her)
(v)  The guardian responsible for the child (if below 18 years (ii) shall co-sign  with him/her)

(vi)  The owner of the land if different from (V)

B. The following are key issues to be observed:

(i) The house shall be a possession of the family but co-owned by the sponsored child and CCP

(ii) Neither the owners nor possessors of the house shall have the right to sell or transfer its ownership or possession to another party.

(iii) The house shall at all times be at the appropriate exclusive use by the beneficiary family

(xii) Where the guardian dies and it becomes necessary to relocate the child from the house to another home, CCP, the family and the Local Council I leadership shall determine the best way for the house to be kept and maintained for the future use (if needed) by the beneficiary child in the manner as described above.


Maintenance of the house so constructed and handed over to the beneficiary family shall be the responsibility of those in possession of the house as led and administered by the guardian/parent.


The articles in this policy document are subject to amendment from time to time as deemed necessary.



------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------as spelt out in this policy document whose copies we shall each deligently and safely keep for any future reference.

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