Jaarverslag 2009 (ENG)



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Mr. Isaiah Masaba and Mr. Ambrose Lambuli graduated with Bachelors in Business Administration and Social Work and Social Administration degrees respectively. The former in December travelled to Maputo, Mozambique for a workshop in Communication and Public Relations under the auspice of UGAPRIVI and GTZ to whom we owe lots of thanks.

Under the same auspice Mr. David Willy Nabangi went to Germany for a study tour. Unfortunately he fell so ill immediately he arrived, but fortunately however, was successfully treated and operated upon at the cost of the organizers, expensive as it was!!

In August we were blessed to receive under the auspice of DED, a German Volunteer, Mr. Fabian Rosenfelder to work as an instructor of Motor Vehicle Mechanics for 12 months.

To the glory of God but also to raise and improve the profile of CCP, the Executive Director, Mr. James Kidulu was appointed to serve on the National Council for Children. This council oversees, monitors and coordinates all child related matters in the country. The Ministry responsible for children affairs works under it.


The staff had opportunity for the first time to visit several tourist sites such as Lake Bunyonyi, Mt. Muhavura in Kisoro, and even crossed the Katuna boarder into Rwanda. This was not only exciting but motivating and energizing to the staff, giving them a spring board for better performance thereafter. A lot that was done and achieved in the year, and even the way it was done had a lot to do with the inspiration from the training retreat.

Great appreciation goes to our Partners, the CCP Netherlands, the Implusis funders, FARST Africa for training and organizing the retreat and the staff for participating, learning and acting better at work after the training.


A lot has been done to develop our Kumi Close campus, also called the Technical Wing; the whole land space in about to be filled with buildings, and efforts are made to keep the place tidy. The only snag had been the lack of a secure fence and gate.

Thank God, during the year a nice looking and strong gate was constructed with support from Hans van Bokkem Foundation, who has also funded the construction of all classrooms and workshops on that campus. This has improved on the beauty and the security of the campus. We are earnestly praying for a matching fence to make the place more secure to protect the students and property plus increasing the beauty. We are also praying for funds for Pallisa Road Campus gate.

A lot of thanks go to Ms Anneke Luyt and the Hans van Bokkem Foundation for their selfless and generous support which has brought CCP this far. May the unfailing God bless them as they continue helping to empower the vulnerable children and young people.


The CCP House at Plot 37 Pallisa Road which is part of Pallisa Road campus has had a steady growth but in stages. The Ground Floor which houses shops for business and six classrooms was complete four years ago. Half of First Floor is what we embarked on and finished in 2009, giving the campus and indeed Mbale town a beautiful outlook especially as one arrives from the western side. The eastern side too was started on but needs more financial support to be completed.

All this development is owed to the Impulsis of the Netherlands who funded the project. It is important to note that for them, this is just but one of the many projects they have supported in CCP. They have offered for physical structures but also capacity building for CCP staff and other sister organizations in eastern Uganda. We thank them so much.

Beauty would not be enough alone; the new added construction has definitely expanded classroom capacity for the VTI and thus enhanced the quality of our training and learning.

We were fortunate in the previous case to be funded by Impulsis to cater for the PUM expert for the two weeks at a cost of 2,018,000=. However, this time we could not implement the VEHICLE project due to anticipated cost we can not afford on our side. We still hope to handle it in future, funds allowing.

Talking about the PUM expert during his two week study visit, he made several recommendations for the improvement and upgrading of our Vocational training. We have gladly made practical efforts for implementing them. This as a result is leading to a progressive upward trend of delivering better services and quality training to our students.

Trevor and his wife Karen have a big heart and compassion for the children in Uganda. They mobilized and worked with other friends of CCP in Canada to raise funds to purchase a Japanese motorcycle to facilitate our social workers in visiting and delivering services to the sponsored children. Unfortunately due to global financial crisis their total collections were much less than anticipated; it amounted to Ugandan Shillings two million only.

Good enough for us, all was not lost; guided by God we turned the amount to sponsorship programme. Three very needy VTI students were selected to benefit for the two years of their training.

We are grateful to these Canadian friends and pray for courage and encouragement in all efforts they take to help a vulnerable person. God looks at the heart/attitude, and in His devine power and wisdom multiplies the little from a good heart to be enough where it is needed. The young people who would otherwise drop out of their training are now sure of completing their courses which will in turn earn them livelihood. Noting that it was the credit crunch that worked against raising enough funds, we pray for the stability of the world economy.

It will be recalled that several other organizations have previously had similar arrangements with us. TASO pioneered this in 2003, and among the training institutions that took on their children for various courses, their independent expert declared us the best trainer after an assessment exercise of all the trained youths.

It had been a tough time to run two classes (1st and 2nd year) for each of the four technical courses we currently offer in the half-capacity building we had. The new structure doubled our capacity and thus adequately met the need of the training. It is now all convenient and comfortable for both students and the instructors at the campus. There is every hope of good class performance and production of higher quality graduates.

Talking about Hans van Bokkem Foundation and the link person, Ms Anneke Luyt, they are synonymous with Kumi Close campus! One can not talk about the campus without mentioning them. The first ever building there; a complex of workshops, classrooms offices, the hall, stores etc where constructed with their funding. More recently they funded the erection of a magnificent gate for the campus. The second phase of the workshops and classes comes to overwhelm us with joy and more appreciation. May the Lord and giver of life and material grant them long life and continue providing for their needs.

As we all know, the past is the parent of the present and of course the grand parent of the future. As we enjoy the use of the facilities mentioned above, it is important to note that they are as a legacy and an inspiration by great personality, Hans van Bokkem, the late husband of Ms Anneke Luyt. Though now deceased, his practical and meaningful compassion, care and concern for the children of Africa live and led to the formation by his family and friends the wonderful and active Hans van Bokkem Foundation. With such appreciation CCP recognizes the insight and excellent work of the members and supporters of the foundation, but more so we recognize the benevolence and generosity of late Engineer Hans van Bokkem who is the foundation on which all these good things are being built and more are yet to come. Long live Hans van Bokkem legacy!!


Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Paula Mugabi are a young Ugandan couple living in New York,  USA and linked to CCP through Mr. James Kidulu, the Executive Director. Moved by compassion for OVCs in Uganda and concern for development, they have undertaken a task to raise support for CCP to continue giving hope to the otherwise hopeless children.

It is noted that for long it has been only CCP Netherlands and other Dutch funders who have sustained our programmes. Recently Canadian friends led by Mr. and Mrs. Trevor and Karen Espenant came on board to our great joy and appreciation. Their support is seeing more children and youths go to school and attain vocational/technical trainings.

The move by Frank and Paula is therefore so timely, and once realized will see another move of improved and expanded delivery of services to the needy children and youth of Uganda. May the Lord bless their efforts.

The anticipated support is so unique, yet very crucial and relevant in enhancing the running of the organization. While it is true that generally most donors and funding organizations world over focus on activities and beneficiaries of a particular implementing agency, aims among other things to direct their funding to the improvement and sustenance of personnel welfare.

The staff are the conduit through which support reaches the clients. With this anticipated increased motivation, it is highly hoped that there will be great improvement in service delivery among CCP staff to their clients.

Once again, through UCRNN our Executive Director, Mr. James Kidulu was selected with five others and successfully represented Uganda Civil Society at the African Union (AU) Headquarters, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on issues of the rights and welfare of children of Africa.

Apparently, the above arrangement is a replica of UN convention for the Rights of the child, where the same Executive Director in 2007 similarly represented Uganda in Geneva, only that in the African case, also emphasis is put on the discipline and responsibility of the child besides the rights.

Mrs. Stella Ayo Odongo, the Executive Director of UCRNN and her staff are especially applauded for their invaluable involvement in compiling the report right from the grassroots up to the level of presenting it to the AU. Their efforts are also seen as they give support to the government side too.

The child-rights civil society under the leadership of Mrs. Joly Nyeko are thanked not only for their commendable work to better lives of children, but in generating the information that largely constitutes the report.

It is worth noting that for CCP, such an involvement does not only show how it is widely recognized performance and input but also raises its profile at both national and international levels. The participation of the Executive Director comes with more exposure and knowledge which subsequently are put to use to benefit the organization and of course the entire nation. Besides, the deliberation resolutions and recommendations brought up in the presentation later influences and positively affect the policies and practices for the children in Uganda where beneficiaries of CCP too stand to gain. CCP like any organization has unique but crucial experiences in handling children matters. The AU forum provided an opportunity for CCP as to an organization to contribute its experience and ideas to influence international decisions.

Important and useful as they are, such trips are too expensive for CCP to solely afford. For instance it was not possible for us to participate in the follow-up session when government was meeting the panel of experts. We appeal to well-wishers to come to our rescue in funding such beneficial trips for staff to participate.


With all the construction work at CCP plus the routine BCP training, mixing concrete has always been done manually, which is a slow, inefficient and rudimentary method especially when the work load is big. Once in a while we have had to hire from local owners to speed up work. The challenges we have found are that sometimes the mixer is not available when we need it,  having been hired by another builder, and secondly, this has meant an extra unplanned cost!

Thank God, by courtesy of Mr. Smouter who in 2008 visited CCP with his family, a Dutch school where he works as a teacher raised and offered the funds which enable CCP acquire a large concrete mixer. It is an asset to ease training and construction at our various sites as we develop. It is also planned that the machine will be hired out to raise some income locally.

We greatly thank Mr. Smouter and family who are some of the long time child sponsor in CCP, with their first child qualified and working as a nurse, for the initiative to request and convince colleagues at his school to raise all that much money for the purchase of the machine.

We are equally thankful to the school, the leadership and the entire community therefor being so considerate and generous. Their gesture has now positively changed life in CCP and this will continue. May the Lord bless the works of their hands and always provide for their needs.


While still in the excitement and joy of acquiring a concrete mixer, more was yet to come. Mr. Harald Mikkelsen, the CCP Netherlands Treasurer on his annual trip to CCP Uganda with his colleagues, among the several items he carried this time, was Poker Vibrator. It was donated by Mr. Heem Boumu, a Dutch construction contractor in the Netherlands he requested and convinced to donate this much needed gadget.

This donation was so timely to CCP. Since the concrete mixer and the Porker Vibrator work as complementary devices at building sites, acquiring them more or less at the same time was a blessing to the organization. The combination of both will go a long way to ease construction and training but also raise substantial local income.

Thanks go to Mr. Heem Boumu and his company plus Mr. Harald Mikkelsen for being such a thoughtful and an effective ambassador for CCP.


Glory and praise be to our God who by His mighty grace enabled us complete the year.  It is not by power or mighty but by the special grace of God that we completed the year 2009 with a lot of success but also with some challenges. 


The staff remained committed to their work throughout the year with the spirit of team work which enabled us to go through and handle the challenges that came our way.
As you know very well, the development of every organization depends highly on staff input; we therefore want to attribute all the VTI achievements towards the staff input. 


Students'population 2009 - continuing students





Diploma in Hotel & Institutional Catering      




Certificate in Secretarial Studies                   




Certificate in Hotel & Institutional Catering   




Certificate in Nursery Teacher Training         




Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics 




Certificate in Block/Brick Laying & Concrete Practice




Certificate in Plumbing  




Certificate in Electrical Installation 




Advanced Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics 




Hair dressing 








Students'population 2009 - List of Graduands





Certificate in Secretarial Studies                   




Certificate in Hotel & Institutional Catering   




Certificate in Nursery Teacher Training         




Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics 




Certificate in Block/Brick Laying & Concrete Practice




Certificate in Plumbing  




Certificate in Electrical Installation 




Hair dressing 




Other Tailor made courses 









Students'population 2009 - Tailor made/short courses





Baking and decoration 




Hairdressing and Beautification 




Block/Brick Laying & Concrete Practice








We thank God who enabled us have this big number of students in the year 2009 and we look forward to helping them acquire the required skills that can enable them become self reliant in future.
Our target for the year 2010 is to increase the student s population by 500, students and increase up to 1200 by the year 2001.

The staff remained committed to their work through out the year with a spirit of team work which enabled them to go through and handle all the challenges that come their way.

We pray that the almighty God will grant all the graduates a gainful occupation as they start new life out of school.


Opening of year
The Institute opened on the 16th of January with all the staff turning up ready to teach. The students who turned up on this day were 35% of the total number but the lessons started right away and by the end of the second week the school was at 70%.
Teaching continued normally as the number of students grew up every day and since the teachers were all present, this made being at school more interesting for students.

New admissions


Games and Sports

Inter house Athletics Competition
Recognizing that students are gifted differently with different skills, for the first time we had Athletics competitions where students competed in various activities on 17th April 2009.   It was a big day.  Credit goes to all house masters and mistresses who mobilized the houses and to the students who participated in this event.  It was yet another exciting event in the year, and we plan to have it annually.
Recognizing that students are gifted differently with different skills, we had inter-house athletics competitions where students competed in various activities on 7th April 2009. Ruth House emerged the overall winner.
It was a big day, and the Executive Director presented the brand new trophy Stanbic Bank donated to the winning house.

On the 11th September, 2009 we also held inter-house competitions where students in their respective houses competed in Net ball, Foot Ball and Volley ball. The four houses participated whereby Moses house emerged the winners of the day.

Special thanks go to the management of Covenant Primary School who have always allowed us to use their play ground for our sporting activities.

Music, Dance and Drama

Welcome of new students
As a family of CCP VTI we always have a day in the year when we officially recognize and welcome new students who will have to join CCP VTI.  So this was done on the same day we had Athletics competitions.  This is a day when the new students are formally welcomed by the whole CCP community. It is a day characterized by singing, dancing and drama by the old students as it is an African culture    to welcome a visitor in a home we end up by merry making.   This at CCP VTI is by having a special meal served where all the staff and students eat together.

End of Semester Exams
The month of May was when students did both Internal and External end of Semester exams. The Internal exams are for our own assessment and started on 18th of May up to 28th and students had to break off for holidays on the 5sth-th of June.  At the same time we had students sit for external exams such as UNEB for Secretarial and Technical students, DIT for Technical students, Kyambogo University exams for Nursery students and UCC Tororo exams for catering students during the same period.

Second Intake
CCP VTI has two intakes in every year.  The second intake for the year 2009 started on Monday the 10th of June up to 10th  Friday August 2009.  This intake is intended to cater for those students who missed in the first intake and also to fill up the gap of those who finish in July after doing their last and final exams.

Each year we have the parents of our students come for a meeting to plan together and evaluate with the Management for the future of the school. This is also the time when they came to see what their children are do and where they are learn from. Our parents meeting was held on Friday the 28th of August 2009 and we had a good turn up of the parents.  They were happy with the developments taking place at school, but noted with concern the lack of the school van.  It was agreed that as the school is growing there was great need for the school to acquire a school van to enable students have study tours out side Mbale easily.  Therefore it was resolved that, came year 2009.  The management would start levying a fee on each student per Semester for the purchase for the school van.

Music Dance and Drama

Guild Elections

On the 4th of December 2009 we had a big day when we witnessed 346 students graduated with Certificates and Diplomas. The Guest of honor on this day was, Dr. Mutende James.

On the same day the Institute exhibited what the students do and each courses had an exhibition.
We had a big turn up of the Parents and it was a colorful day for us as CCPVTI.

End of Year
We closed the school on the 11th December 2009 and  all students carried  reports home after doing end of year /Semester exams as staff members also broke off for holidays.

The school hosted a numbers of visitors through out the year, most of who were parents checking on their children and looking for vacancies.  Among the many visitors who visited the school we would like to single the following:

Dutch Partners
On their annual visit to the organization this year they came in November and were especially hosted by the VTI students on the 5th November 2009.
On this day it is the students who run the programme and they are the ones who decided on what should be done as they host the visitors.  They presented songs, dances, and Drama which was entertaining to the visitors.

Staff Development

Kyambogo University
The long awaited center for Kyambogo University was granted to us and starting the year 2010 we shall be hosting the Kyambogo exams here at CCP.

Construction of the Eastern wing on Pallisa road.

Increased students enrollment that enabled the Institute to meet most of her activities.

Kyambogo University Centre Number for Nursery Teacher Training exams which is going to reduce the cost sitting for these exams for the students and the Institute

DED Volunteer
In collaboration with UGAPRIVI and DED CCP VTI was one the Institutions that was seconded to get volunteers to help the local staff in their service delivery. In August 2009, Mr. Fabian Rosenflder arrived at CCP and he will be with us for one year. He is currently attached to Motor Vehicle section as an instructor.

Tools from Sticthing Gered Gereedschap


Increasing food prices
The year 2009 experienced a higher inflation in food prices.  The prices were ever increasing from the beginning of the year up to the end.  It was very difficult to determine the cost of food at any particular time.
This made the school to increase the hostel fees to avoid incurring a lot of losses this in turn led to many children failing to come back to the school hostel, with very  few who are paying for meals.

Water and Electricity bills
Through out the year the water and electricity bills remained a very expensive item to finance by the school budget.  This met that the school spent a lot of money on paying the bills. The high bills affected the school
budget highly.

Lack of Typewriters
The secretarial class which among many subjects learns typewriting as a key subject and this is done on manual typewriters which is recommended by UNEB, was hit by shortage of the typewriters.   The experience was worse during UNEB Exams in July.  The student typewriter ratio was about 1:12.  We were able to acquire some second-hand typewriters towards the end of the year although they are still not enough to meet the demand of the big class.  These are going to be a great relief during the training in the year 2010.

Fees payment
Due to high level of poverty prevailing in the country, fee payment by the students in 2009 was rather poor.  The students could not pay fees in time and those who tried could pay it in small installments. Since the school is meant to be self sustaining, when it experiences such short full, it becomes different for the school to ran and manage well her programmes well.


We call upon any organization locally or inter-nationally which might be having typewriters which they are not using to donate them to us or sell them so that we can have enough since there are no more factories now making new typewriters.

We are grateful to the funders who gave us money that enabled us add a big hall
on Pallisa road campus.  One of the rooms on the first floor is now being used as
a library.  We now lack the book shelves and books that are enough for all


DIPLOMA COURSES                             DURATION
1. Secretarial Studies                             2 Years
2. Hotel an Institutional Catering           2 Years


1. Secretarial Studies                             2 Years
2. Hotel & Institutional Catering             2 Years
3. Brick/Block lying & Concrete Practice  2 Years
4. Nursery Teacher Training                   2 Years
5. Motor Vehicle Mechanics                     2 Years
6. Electric Installation                             2 years
7. Plumbing                                             2 Years
8. Hair dressing and Beautification         6 months

Evening Programme for Catering will include the following packages:-

Baking and Decoration                             3 months
Front office management                         3 months
Banqueting management                        3 months
Advanced technical courses                     9 months


The year 2009 began well; we were able to carry out the activities according to the   work plan. We supported all our children in school in all areas in life like; academic, social emotional and spiritual, and we registered appreciation from our clients and we gave tanks to God who enables us.

Our Geographical area of operation is Eastern in the following districts; Mbale, Sironko, Bududa, Manafwa, Kumi, Soroti, Pallisa, Butaleja, Kapchorwa and Busoga.

The total population and composition of children is as shown below:






















Fees payment and  supply of scholastic materials
Schools visitation
Home visitation
Medical care
Supply of relief food
Construction of houses
Recruitment of new children
Guidance and counseling
Guardians meeting
Alumni meeting
Camp and commissioning of the children who had completed school
Letter writing
Process to refer children (Watoto)


We began paying school fees for first term as early as January.  Betty began by clearing fees for Soroti children, and later on we concentrated in Mbale and other surrounding areas.  We worked hand in hand with our field volunteers. i.e. Basoga for Busoga, Mr. Yefusa  Wepukhulu for Sironko and pastor Mawa for Kapchorwa, and we were successful in clearing school fees for first term and delivery of scholastic materials like books, pens, reams of papers and uniforms.  The same approach continued for the other terms. I.e. second and third term.

We thank God for  provision. We ended the with no debt.


Medical care/health

Supply of relief food

Home visits
This was done thoroughly because we reached almost every home. During our visits we learnt of famine which was actually countrywide. Most families were starving. When we communicated, our partners sent money and we bought food. In the process of supplying the food, we visited most of the children. We took the opportunity to talk to our guardians; We encouraged them to plant trees as much as possible at least up to a minimum of one hundred (100) trees.

We encouraged them to learn to preserve food which they get, much as there are many other needs.

We advised them to take care of the children and not only to wait for CCP.

We tried to enlighten them on their responsibility as parents who should discipline and care about the lives of the children.

We also gave them a few basics lime sugar, salt, soap.
We encouraged them to allow children to use their gifts.

The children living in worst condition were recommend for reference to orphanages. We thank God that they later succeeded  much as it was so costly organizing them.


During the home visits many families were identified as living in very poor conditions in terms of accommodation . We are grateful to God that all the above have now good houses for residence.

We therefore thank our engineer Mr. Khaukha Stephen who has tirelessly helped us whenever we needed his technical services. The housing project is legal and has guidelines that must be adhered to by the beneficiaries. To avoid future wrangles.


Our friends from the Netherlands requested us to recruit more children for sponsorship. We thank God that many of the children that we recruited have accessed sponsorship. We also hand another request from our Canada based sponsor requesting us to recruit three children for him, we successfully did it and the three have got sponsorship. CCP staff through their annual sponsorship requested that we recruit three students from VTI and we successfully did. All together the total number of new sponsored children came to: 22 

Also staff sponsored 3 children.

Last year we had a total of 41 candidates sitting for their final examinations. ie
P.7 we had 17 candidates
S.4 we had 13 candidates


This is an on going exercise as we interact with the children. As we meet at office, school and home, we make sure we guide and counsel them of issues such as choice of career, peer group influence, spiritual, emotional and social challenges. The level of immorality is high today among young stars like them. We thank God that through our guidance none has been a victim.

On 23rd July, 2009, we hosted over twenty parents within Mbale for a guardians meeting. The turn up was good and while with them we went through the sponsorship policy and guideline. We encouraged them that we are now co-parents and we should take up equal responsibilities. We warned them of abandoning their children entirely to us. They should support their children whenever a need a rises. They should not look to CCP for all the  help. We urged them to have time with these children to guide and counsel them on sexual related issues eg HIV/AIDS, dangers of early marriage, homosexuality and lesbianism, drug abuse. This is because children are messing up because parents fear to address these issues to them as they grow up.
Guardians were urged to take food security seriously and avoid selling the surplus. Environmental protection was also emphasized. Eg planting trees of any nature that can give them fruits, firewood and income in future.

In November last year we had an alumni meeting and over 20 alumni attended in person. We had a very good time with them. We interacted and discussed a wide range of issues. E.g they suggested that if it were possible they would committee themselves to contribute some annual or monthly payments to supports other vulnerable children. The idea was good and we accepted it.

The children liked the place so much as compared to the previous camp in Bugwere high school. We were blessed to have our Netherlands visitors who joined us in the camp. We had a variety of activities that ran throughout the camp. eg Bible exposition, Bible study, interactive session, work shops, guidance and counseling ,games, eating etc

A wonderful Christmas party and gifts was organized for children and they enjoyed to the full capacity. They ate a lot of food, soda, chapatti, eggs and chicken. They got mattresses as Christmas gifts and they were extremely over whelmed with joy.

We used this occasion to kill two birds at ago. I.e. we commissioned eleven   children who had successfully completed their studies. We bought them a set of saucepans, a set of coffee plates, a set of coffee cups, a stove, bed sheets and a mattress, to boost them as they look for ward to an independent life. The ceremony was presided over by Mr. Fred Meijer the Dutch chairman and colleagues from Netherlands, Mr. James Kidulu the programme Director, Mr. Nathan Walyaula the finance and administration officer plus very many dignitaries

In order to keep children and their sponsors in touch, they write letters to sponsors twice a year to inform them about academic progress, expression of thanks to gifts they receive and for the school fees, uniforms and books they get annually or termly. So the letters were written and posted .the firs batch was sent in July and the second lot was taken by our sponsors themselves after the camp

In November, we recommended thirteen children (total orphans) to Watoto child ministry, a Kampala based Christian NGO. These were the neediest children living in a hostile home environment..
Seven of these  were on our waiting list. The report from Watoto is that the children are happy and have already adapted to the new environment.

As we visit children in their homes, we observe and interact with guardians; some suggest that if it were possible we would assist them with;
Some money to begin some income generating activities, especially single mothers.
Some seedlings during planting season
Sponsoring other siblings
Vocational courses for their children in holidays
Seedlings for trees like fruits.


During my final industrial training I was also retained and offered a good salary. I have won very many big contracts and built good houses. I know very many things that highly learnt people may not know. Even if I was from sleep, I am able to make all measurements, and designs and calculations for a house accurately.

I have nothing to give back to prove my appreciation but may the almighty God bless you. Long live CCP.

Namataka Irene:
I Namataka Irene have no appropriate words I can use to thank my parents CCP for the great work you have done in my life.

Odong Daniel:
Whenever I Eot my salary I remember what CCP did in my life. By the time I was recruited by CCP the circumstances surrounding me were very hostile. But I thank God for the great work that CCP did in my life. After my studies I joined air force and I am getting a very good salary. To show my appreciation for what CCP did for me, I have decided to be contributing 20,000sh per month to a vulnerable child like I was.
Lastly but not least I will say Bravo to CCP. May God abundantly bless you as you serve my fellow brothers and sisters.

In order to make our services effective and child friendly, we work hand in hand with our field volunteers. We thank God for these active men and women. They have availed themselves whenever we needed them, and even injecting their own resources in our work.

Mr. Wepukhulu Yefusa
In the same way has been very active and vigilant in coordinating us to Sironko children. He mobilizes and delivers any services that we assign him to do. Thus easing our work.

Pastor Mawa from Kapchwora has also been very instrumental in our services to children in directed by CWD.
In Manafwa and Bududa we have Mrs. Florence Matokota or Mr. Hukha and in Bududa Mr. Sakwa. All these people have equally done very good work and deserve a hand of applause. Without them our services to the children would be delayed.

Mr. Osire Francis is yet another volunteer of paramount importance. He has worked very hard to keep in touch with Kampala children and executes several duties assigned to him too by CWD.

In the office we have Aunt Joyce Makoba, she has been a very resourceful person from the time she joined us. Being a wall trained medical nurse, she has helped us a lot whenever children fall sick. She interprets what the doctors have diagnosed and prescribed to us in simple language and she gives advice on how children can stay healthy and avoid falling sick repeatedly.
She has also helped us to I identify some cases that need referral and on trying we have seen children improve tremendously. e.g we thought Akello Sandra had leprosy but when she referred us to a dermatologist, he when he assured us that the child is normal.
When it comes to guidance and counseling, she has done it very well. Her experience as a medical nurse and a mother has enabled her pass on a vivid message to the young stars.


We were able to clear all school fees and other scholastic materials for children.
We managed to visit children at home and at school.
Medical care was offered to sick children and they became better soon.
We supplied relief food to over 220 families.
Two houses were  constructed for the needy children
Twenty two children accessed sponsorship
Forty one candidates sat for their final UNEB exams
Khasalamwa Lydia was rescued after being kidnapped for over six months.
We had a guardians meeting
Alumni meeting was conducted

We commissioned eleven sponsored children
Thirteen children were sent to Watoto
Over 200 children wrote letters and drew pictures to their sponsors.

Wamukota Jairus is still  sick and weak
Failure to support bright but poor children for university education.
Increasing demands in primary education.
Detoriating academic standards especially in primary .
Hard- to- deal with some children, but with counseling and prayer, we believe they will change.
Inadequate transport to the field.

Increase school fees contributions in all levels
Support needy families with IGAS.
Special attention be given to the bright but poor students.
Specific means of transport solely / only for the CWD in order to respond to the emergencies as they arise.
Better schools should be sought for children who are performing poorly.