How you can help...

In principle you support the child until the child has mastered a profession and is able to take care of him- or herself and family. Please be aware that this period of study may take longer than what it would take the average European/Western child to graduate. Family circumstances will cause delay and often children will not be able to go to school at an early age. This often relates to the death of one or both parents of the child and the necessity of moving and adapting.

If you would like to sponsor a child, please e-mail us at the following address Info(at) or contact us.

Twice a year you will receive a letter from your child via CCP secretariat. The social worker of CCP Uganda will also supply a little report, with possibly some extra information concerning the development of your child. You will also be sent a photograph of your child every two years.

Every Christmas we will approach for a voluntary Christmas gift. Often this gift is a gift that will be beneficial for the whole family, like a pot or a mattress.

Is it possible to correspond with my child?

Of course it is possible to maintain correspondence with your child. There are two important matters:

  1. It usually takes a while for the letter to reach your child. Many children live further away in areas that are difficult to reach by the CCP terrain jeep. These children will be visited at least twice a year, so your mail will reach your child at least twice a year, in case your child lives far away.

The address in Uganda:
Christian Childcare Programme
P.O. Box 1254
Mbale Uganda
East Africa

Letters can also be sent by email.
The e-mail address for your letters is: Letters(at)

What happens when my child has graduated?

When your child has graduated, which means that he or she has finished their course, the Dutch secretary will receive notice.