The Vocational Training Institute of CCP: VTI

The largest school building is located on Palissa Road in Mbale. It locates several training programs and is also renting out the road side of the building to a supermarket.

The polytechnic college has several technological trainings and is located just outside the centre of Mbale due to the noise pollution.

The many years of oppression under dictator Amin has also had its effect on education in Uganda and has lead to the establishment of Christian Childcare Project foundation. CCP is focussing on the schooling of underprivileged youth.

The original goal was to supply school materials, provide school fees and medical care, so the children could grow up to become independent and responsible adults.

The Vocational Training Institute (VTI) was set up by CCP to create the opportunity to study and learn a profession for underprivileged youth who are unable to continue studying.

The school started in a hired space in Mbale due to the lack of financial resources. In 1993 premises were bought and the training programme was expanded. The training programme then included the majors of tailoring, secretary training and bricklaying.

The training programme was later opened to children from the surrounding area. This expands the school income and enables the school to maintain itself more and more. The number of applications increases continually.

Overall it can be stated that the level of training is high

Up to now CCP has trained over 2000 students. Many of them are now part of our Sponsor program. The number of students increases annually. Through the remainder of students who are not sponsored income is generated. This finances part of the education of other students.

All studies have a general component, which covers a set of four areas: Agriculture (plants, plagues and fighting sicknesses), Domestic Economy (nutrition, health), Commercial Practice (book keeping, setting up a business, market forces) and Civics (sexual morality, AIDS, looking after AIDS-patients).

The training courses

VTI is a vocational training covering different areas of study.

We are very pleased with the computer and projector donated to us from The Netherlands. Below you find a picture of the computer room.

VTI is also offering a few technical courses, which are located in a separate school building, financed by the "Hans van Bokkem Foundation":

Below you see a few proud VTI students of the Polytechnic college posing.

An impression of the diverse technological training courses.

Below you can find a short video of the graduation of November 2012. Dancing graduates, being very proud and happy!